Structural Repairs

Any damage to a property that decreases its stability needs addressing urgently. Left untreated, the problem may become more serious and pose a risk to health and safety.

Structural repair is the process of fixing any issues that are affecting the integrity of a building and putting measures in place to stop those problems from arising again. Before any work is carried out, it is vital that the property is inspected by a fully qualified structural engineer who will be able to provide answers as to the cause of and solution to the issue.

Integration Builders provide a number of structural repair and restraint solutions. We have been able to resolve all manner of structural issues in a way that is non-intrusive and cost-effective.

Causes of Structural damage

There are a number of reasons why a building might become unstable but we’ve listed a few of the common causes below.


Subsidence is a problem that occurs when the ground beneath a property sinks. This movement can affect the foundations and cause cracks in exterior and interior walls.

Large crack in wall
A large crack in an exterior wall should be rectified immediately

Subsidence can happen for a number of reasons. Changes to the water table levels, poor drainage, or a burst pipe can make the ground saturated causing a building to sink. Houses built on clay soil can be particularly problematic due to the way the clay is affected by long periods of wet or dry weather.

Problems may also arise when trees are growing too close to a building. The roots of the trees can reach far beneath the foundations affecting the ground when they begin to rot.


The structural integrity of a building can be affected by age. Mortar, brickwork and timber are prone to deterioration over time and this can lead to impair the building’s strength.

Damage to stone lintel

Inferior Building Work

It goes without saying that building work carried out by incompetent traders can be a problem. Using unsuitable materials and inappropriate building techniques, particularly in areas where buildings require strength, pose a high risk.

Structural Repair solutions

There are a number of things that can be done to rectify structural issues and they don’t have to cost the earth.


When a property is subsiding, underpinning may be required. Underpinning increases the support of a building by increasing the depth and strengthening its foundation. There are several types of underpinning such as piling or mass concrete and the method we use will be the most appropriate to fully fix the issue.


Cavity Wall Tie Failure

Metal ties are embedded into the mortar of internal and external to tie them together. Should the ties become rusty or become loose from the mortar, the external wall may bow outwards or even collapse. To fix the problem, Integration Builders will replace the tiles and address any damage that may have been caused.

Lintel Replacement

Lintels are steel or concrete beams above openings such as doors and windows. Older buildings may also use large wooden lintels. They are vital to the structure of a building as they support the weight above. Lintels that are damaged or sagging need to be repaired or replaced.

Steel lintel
A steel lintel within a cavity wall