uPVC Gutters, Fascias & Windows

Plastic, uPVC has been used for gutters, fascias and windows for a number of years. Compared to timber fascias and wooden frames, it has many benefits and requires very little maintenance.

With a range of colours and styles to choose from, installation of new or replacement windows, fascias and guttering can dramatically improve the look of any home. Furthermore, Integration Builders work with a number of suppliers so we have access to a comprehensive range of products that will maintain the aesthetics of a new build or the character of period property.

uPVC Benefits

There are many reasons to consider replacing wooden frames and fascias for their uPVC equivalent, we’ve listed a few of them below.

  • Durable,
  • environmentally friendly
  • East to clean
  • No sanding and re-painting
  • Will not not rot
  • Will not warp and crack
  • Weatherpoof
  • Excellent insulator
  • Flexible and easily installed


It goes without that saying that windows are a huge factor in how thermally efficient a property is. Single glazed, wooden framed windows are no match to the superior double or triple glazed uPVC windows of today.

Over the years, Integration Builders have acquired a vast amount of experience in installing windows of all shapes, sizes and styles. Our team of fitters consistently produce a high quality, professional finish with the minimum of disruption to you.

Where uPVC windows are already installed but there is an issue with damage, condensation or misting up, Integration Builders offer a service where we will replace the glass. This can be an affordable way of making your windows more efficient.


Integration builders can install external uPVC doors. Modern uPVC doors are extremely secure and do not suffer from ‘sticking’ like wooden doors do during prolonged periods of damp weather. We are also able to install bi-folding doors, patio doors and french windows.

With a large selection to choose from, we’re sure there’s a style and colour perfect for your home.


With the great, British weather, it’s important that houses are sufficiently protected from the elements. Gutter and drain pipes must be installed properly to effectively channel the water falling onto your roof to the drainage system and away from your home. Guttering that has become damaged and inefficient can lead to penetration of damp through the roof or walls. Ultimately, this could lead to structural damage.


Fascias are long, lightweight uPVC boards that run along the side of a property. They are attached to the roof trusses and provide an important role in keeping the weather and birds and insects from entering your roof space. It is important that fascias are fixed firmly as generally, the gutters will be attached to them.


Like Fascias, soffits are long, boards running along the property. Typically, soffits are fixed beneath the roof edge facing downwards whilst the fascias face outwards. The soffits protect the building from unwanted moisture and some types can help with ventilation ensuring adequate airflow through the property.

Where your existing timber fascias and soffits are in good condition, capping or cladding may be an option. This is where we install uPVC products to protect them for further deterioration.